What is Maskker

Maskker is a javascript module which allows your users to authenticate with your site by selecting two photos they have stored in their camera roll or on their computer.

It makes use of the fact that each photo taken by a smartphone user is subtly unique. Maskker uses a perceptual image hashing algorithm so that small changes to a photo caused by compression or modest resize don't cause any problems. Images are never sent to any server, they're simply hashed in-browser and then discarded. Maskker can be used anywhere but it was designed to be used for sites where users are often browing in incognito mode.

We believe that choosing two photos to authenticate yourself with is a lot easier than remembering a strong password that looks like 'fn&71!dnkjsd'.


Demo: Click or tap here and select two images


Just include maskker.min.js on your page and then use the maskker.register() function. Masker will output three things: a username, a password, and a friendly name.

The friendly name is provided as an indicator to let users know they provided a consistent pair of images between login attempts. View the source of this page for a working example.